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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2006|08:29 pm]

[music |Blue October - Come in Closer (Live)]

I am just posting to say that I have converted to Piratism.

Yo ho Yo ho.
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Just Joined... [Nov. 25th, 2004|05:19 pm]

Hello Fellow Ninjas and Ninja Lovers! =)

Just Another Ninja...

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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2005|11:39 pm]
so awesome, i was searching for others interested in ninjas because i run a ninja_mafia community and this community looked beter than the rest. totally joined.
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2004|09:55 pm]

Dude...some people are just totally lame..but ninjas? hell no. I tell you. watch. listen. hear me out friends. i totally...ninja-ed...a ninja...you'll never believe it...it was so cool...and by cool i mean totally sweet. listen here. ok so see...there was me...i was walking down the street just minding my own business..of course hanging out with my hipo friend and we help hands and it was dandy. and so all of a sudden this ninja (who i'm pretty sure was just a dumb idiot pirate in disquise...in fact i know it was) popped out of the bushes and started flipping out. and i couldn't take it anymore..it was too insane. and he wasn't even flipping out very good anyway. so i popped like 20 boners...i swear this is true. and i just flipped out all over his fake ninja ass. and he loved it...i know he loved it...that's all that matters. so yeah...so then me and my hipo friend just kept walking..it made me happy...i swear. for a minute there...i was a real ninja...ever since then i've been spending my time on mortal kombat and street fighter games to build my ninja skills...so i can totally flip out on everyone. it'll be sweet. you'll see me someday...or maybe you won't...whether you see me...or you don't...you'll know..that i am a ninja. so peace out all you fellow ninjas. i hope you get to see a hot video of me...a re-enacment...if you will of the happenings of the day of october 27th 2000...it was pretty...i mean beautiful. and i loved it. i'm gonna be in movies someday...and totally ninja everyone on the set..but that's a different story...for another time...when i actually end up doing it...bye bye finally...

the baddest "not quite ninja" of them all,
The B.S.
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yeah im a ninja. [Sep. 3rd, 2004|01:00 am]

[mood |amusedamused]

hi im a ninja. a real ninja, with real swords, real nunchucks, real throwing stars and REAL ULTIMATE POWER (like the webpage yeah).

tonight i got in a battle with a stupid boy named louis because he didnt believe i was a REAL ninja. boy was he surprised when i totally kicked his butt to pizza hut and did a hardcore spin kick right into his face. and he was even more surprised when i started wailing on my red guitar emo songs by dashboard confessional becuase i knew it would make him so sad that he would cry and he would be embarassed even MORE by the ass kicking AND crying.

im a girl ninja by the way. the name peirce is kinda confusing so just to clear that up... and my last name is keaninja. so obviously im a real ninja.
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greetings [Aug. 29th, 2004|05:37 pm]

as a fellow ninja, i bid all greetings and salutations.

-Ninja Jesse
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NESkimos like ninjas....and rock. [Aug. 25th, 2004|10:19 pm]

[mood |hothot]
[music |NESkimos - Ninja Gaiden 2 - Act 2, Scene 2]

I've been in here for quite a while and never posted.
I dunno how many of you love Rock...or love classic video games, but a band I found shares a love for all of it. I had to share some of their ads for their live shows. Again, they're not mine. But you can find 'em on http://www.neskimos.com/main.shtml

...Btw, those are old.

NESkimos are badass. Check 'em out. It's 100% free, no strings attached.
And it's all thanks to SoundClick. Just sign up and downloads are free.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2004|01:10 am]

Apparently this group is still growing. It's not like it was dead or anything. It would've had to've commited seppuku in order to do that, and even if it did, it'd be up and killing again right after just like any other ninja.

By the way, I found an incredible game. Enjoy.

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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2004|01:06 am]


theninjaacademy Help ninjas take over the world.
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You want death with that? [Aug. 9th, 2004|02:53 pm]

So.. I was just waiting in line at McDonalds to see if I can get me some Double Cheeseburgers and this ninja starts flipping out because his fries were cold.
He jumped over the counter and sliced the cashier RIGHT IN FUCKIN HALF!
Then everyone else was like... "YOU SICK FUCK! HE JUST KILLED THAT POOR CASHIER!"

After he sliced that cashier like he was a turkey, he darted over to the ice cream machine, picked it up, and threw it at at senior citizen that was walking into the lobby. Totally awesome. He then ran into the crew room and tossed shurikens all over the place, impaling all these people. JUST BECAUSE HE WAS PISSED!

He noticd the store manager trying to escape through the back door. He flew (literally) over to her and kicked her in the back of the head. She did 15 flips in the air and the desintegrated before she hit the ground.

After that... he just walked out... but not before taking four BigMacs with him.
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